Allergy Dashboard [TEMPLATE]

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Keeping a digital space for documenting all the information related to your allergies can be a key factor in improving your health and your relationship with your diagnosis. The Allergy Dashboard in Notion can become your best ally for this.

The Allergy Dashboard is based on a food diary that will help you track, not only your meals but also any symptom that occurs. Once you pinpoint a food that seems to trigger symptoms you can document all within Notion and have reliable information for your next doctor appointment.

What's included?

  • Medical section: Include databases that will help you document your official allergies, plan your medical appointments, and have a doctor's directory with all relevant information within.
  • Day to Day: This is mainly based on the Food Diary. The Food Diary is an aesthetic setup to record your food, organized by meals and connected to a symptoms database. This connection will help you to add a specific meal to a specific symptom you had. This is an amazing source of reliable information.
  • Going out: A section dedicated to food sources. Besides keeping track of what you eat for a meal, you will be able to track the food source i.e. a specific restaurant, home, grandma's house, etc. Additionally, for restaurants, you will have a pre-built allergens table so you have your special list of safe restaurants and safe dishes.
  • Safe brads: Allergies are not only about food, there are other types of products that can give us allergic reactions, therefore this space will help you to have a list of those safe brands and safe products that you can use.

What else I will find?

  • All databases include specific templates that will help you keep the aesthetics and the system in order
  • Databases are connected for a better documentation experience
  • The filters will help you spot specific trends in your food diary


  • While a food diary is a tool to help you control allergies, it is not a way to self-diagnose a food allergy. Visit your doctor!
  • This template is not a medical recommendation, it is only an organizational system to improve your experience with allergies.

Some cool images from the template:


  • Can I adapt this to non-food-related allergies? Yes! That's the beauty of Notion. You can add new symptoms to the symptoms databases and even change the Food Diary by a Diary according to your own allergies.
  • What if I don't use Notion? You can learn this amazing tools over here.
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Allergy Dashboard [TEMPLATE]

4 ratings
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