Recruiting Hub [Notion Template]

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Manage your recruitments in Notion ⚡️ Featured in the Notion Template Gallery ✅

The goal of this template is to help you organize your recruitment pipeline by mastering Notion and the extreme power of NotionAI ✨

Getting your recruitment right is one of the keys to your company's growth. Being able to manage, control, and have a smooth process will help you attract the best talents.

⚠️ This template includes several prompts and AI buttons that are integrated within the workflows to save time and take advantage of the AI possibilities

This template will help you to:

  • Manage all of your job positions in one-place
  • Track the progress of all of the different candidates
  • Track and have statistics of all the abilities to cover your job positions, and if they are below or above market
  • Implement a process for your interviews
  • Document all the work developed in an organized way
  • Have supporting information for making decisions based on data

You can benefit from this template if you:

  • Want to improve the recruitment process of your company
  • Want to make decisions related to the candidate's score from the interviews
  • Want to document the work related to your recruitment
  • Want to save a lot of time thanks to the AI prompt we created
  • Want to compare different candidates before choosing the right one for the job position
  • Are managing the human resources department of your company
  • Are in charge of recruitment
  • Are a Company / Entrepreneur that is looking to grow your team

What's inside?

  • A General Dashboard: to summarize information about ongoing job positions and quickly access contextualized information of your recruitments
  • 3 main Databases: To manage all recruitments and actions/interactions related to them.
    • Job positions DB: This database will store all of the job positions you add to the system. It is configured to help you track the progress, relate candidates/interviews to the job position, and document all the work.
    • Candidates DB: A database for storing all your candidates, and managing the interactions with them.
    • Interviews DB: A database where you will find the history of all of the interviews created for any of the job positions posted within the company.
  • Database Templates: All databases include templates to make your life easier.
  • NotionAI prompts The smart way to use NotionAI is with the different prompts we build across the template. If you don't have NotionAI, you can still use the prompts with ChatGPT.


I have some questions about the template, where can I find help?

You can write to us at

I need a personalized consultancy, can you help me with that?

Yes! Alejandra is an official Notion Certified Consultant. Find more over here

Do you offer refunds for your products?

As a general rule, we don't offer refunds on digital products. However, if you want a refund, talk with us. We may help you find a solution.

Can I obtain a discount?

Tell us your story! We may be able to give you a discount according to your situation - parity prices

Can I duplicate this template to share with my team or friends?

We are only giving you a personal-professional license to use it. Please feel free to share it only with your internal team.

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Recruiting Hub [Notion Template]

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