Product Discovery System

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Discover your next winning product, service, or feature using an organized system.

Finding your next product, service, or feature idea can be hard. You may feel stuck, uninspired, and lost. I have felt this way more than once, and I have discovered that a good system for capturing and analyzing ideas can put me back on track 🏃🏽‍♀️

The Notion Discovery System uses a 3-stage process designed to help you ideate, screen, and research ideas based on customer, user, and employees' feedback in the simplest way possible.

Additionally, it will help you to understand and work on the preceding steps of the actual development of a product, steps that make the difference between winning a losing.

You can benefit from this template if you:

- Are a startup that wants to discover its next winning product/service/feature idea

- Are an entrepreneur that wants to discover its next winning product/service/feature business idea

- Are a startup or entrepreneur that feels stuck and uninspired with its product

- Are a Business Consultant and want to offer an interactive service for your client

- Are an Innovation Coach and want to offer an interactive service for your client

- Want to discover your next digital product

- Want to include your employees in the creation process making them feel + engaged with the brand

- Want to include your clients in the creation process making them feel + engaged with the brand

What's inside?

Before starting: Guidelines + Beginners Guide

Product Discovery System that includes:

  • A General Dashboard: to work on different stages of the Discovery Process, take a quick look at the progress made on every stage, and organize documentation and meetings.
  • 5 main Databases: Ideation, Screening, Research, Documentation, and Meetings.
    • Ideation: Includes Database Templates with checklists for implementing 7 ideation techniques: Focus Group, Customer Visits, Lead User Analysis, Client Workshop, Customer Advisory Board, Internal Team Brainstorming, Employees Submissions. (Some techniques also include 5 additional tools Startbusting, Reverse Brainstorming, 5 Whys Analysis, S.C.A.M.P.E.R)
    • Screening: Includes a template with techniques for screening ideas with four tools: Judges Panel, Criteria Evaluation/Score Card, Proof of concept, Token Vote.
    • Research: Includes a template with a checklist and a sample report with an index of important elements to research an idea.
    • Documentation: A database with all the documents related to each stage.
    • Meetings: A database with all the meetings related to each stage.
  • Dictionary, Education, and Good Practices: for improving the template and connect it with your system and learn more about ideation techniques.

→ For Beginners

Learn the implementation of ideation techniques and brainstorming tools. Use pre-built templates with a checklist for actions before, during, and after ideation sessions.

→ For Teams & Entrepreneurs

Discover a creative space to take advantage of ideas from employees and customers. Use a 3- stage system to gather, screen, and research ideas. Use the Documentation and Meetings sections to keep everything in order.

→ For Students

Learn the implementation of ideation techniques and brainstorming tools. Use the system for your research papers and homework assignments on topics/classes such as innovation, entrepreneurship, business, and marketing.

Are you letting opportunities slip away?

  • Clients are one of the most important sources of ideas for products, services, and features. This system will help you make sure to collect and screen that feedback.
  • Employees are another important source of innovation. The Discovery System will help you to implement brainstorming sessions and collect recommendations.

Techniques and Tools included in the template:

Creating The Business Plan Workspace: 

I have created this template alongside more creators in the Women Make "Just F*ing Ship It" Challenge were we created and ship a product in 30 days. Women Make was created so women entrepreneurs and makers have a place to meet, chat, support each other, share resources, get feedback, showcase their work, celebrate wins together. I also have shared all my creative processes on this tweet.


"I found using miro for product discovery ideation frameworks more flexible. I have a discovery board there with a bunch of frameworks. As for Alejandra's template, I found it super intuitive from an execution-able checklist/ task management system point of view! Super duper cool ~" Nawel

"Super grateful to have tested Alejandra’s upcoming product, The Notion Discovery System! It’s organized and packed with so much great resources to help you find your next Goldilocks product. Pair it with her Business Plan Template & Customer Journey Map, and you’re solid" Rachel W. from Kva-design


Can I use this template if I don't have customers or employees?

Don't worry! You can adapt the techniques proposed by substituting the sources (clients and employees) for users and participants. To find participants you can rely on different communities that you are part of. You also can find your next product by implementing the techniques with family, friends, and colleagues.

I have some questions about the template, where can I find help?

You can write to us at

I need a personalized consultancy, can you help me with that?

Yes! Alejandra is an official Notion Certified Consultant. Find more over here

Can I obtain a discount?

Tell us your story! We may be able to give you a discount according to your situation - parity prices

Can I duplicate this template to share with my team or friends?

We are only giving you a personal-professional license to use it. Please feel free to share it only with your internal team.  

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Product Discovery System

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