Finance Tracker [Notion Template]

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⭐️ Track your finances in Notion... like us!

Are you looking for a reliable and effective system to manage your personal finances? Look no further! Our Finance Tracker is the ultimate solution you've been searching for.

👀 Why Choose Our Finance Tracker?

  1. Proven Success: We use this Finance Tracker ourselves, and it has helped us to finally achieve financial control. We have been using this system for more than 2 years and as long as you write down your transactions, the information is reliable.
  2. Easy to Use: Our Finance Tracker is designed with simplicity in mind. You don't need to be a finance expert to navigate it. It's user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible to everyone by using buttons and avoiding complicated formulas.
  3. Real-Time Statistics: Stay up-to-date with your financial situation with real-time statistics. Our Finance Tracker provides you with accurate and detailed insights into your income, expenses, and savings, for both, current consultation and historical.
  4. Customizable: Tailor the Finance Tracker to fit your unique financial goals and needs. Add categories and track specific expenses effortlessly. It's a personalized experience that adapts to you. With our help, you can also set up budgets and recurrent incomes/expenses if you need to take a step further in your finances.
  5. All-in-One Solution: With our Finance Tracker, you don't need to juggle multiple apps or spreadsheets. It's an all-in-one solution right within Notion, ensuring everything you need is in one centralized place.

👉🏽 Characteristics

  • 3 main databases: An easy system that focuses on recording transactions and reliable information.
  • 1 secondary database: A budget database if you need to take a step further and improve your expense control.
  • Reporting: Monthly and yearly analysis for the current months and year. A built-in page where you can analyze how the month went and save the historical information for future consultation.
  • Possibility to add multiple accounts & categories.


Can I personalize my template?

Of course, that's the beauty of Notion. We create our templates always with an example, but you are free to modify whatever you want.

I have some questions about the template, where can I find help?

You can fill out the form you'll find at and contact us or you can send us an email at

I need a personalized template, can you help me with that?

Yes! You can fill out the form you'll find at and contact us.

Can I duplicate this template to share with my team or friends?

Even if the template is free, we are only giving you a personal license to use it. Please feel free to share the Gumroad link with your family and friends. They can download the template directly from our site. 

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Finance Tracker [Notion Template]

3 ratings
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