Customer Journey Map Dashboard [Notion Template]

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A Notion Tool to create, control and track your Customer Journey Maps. In this space, you can integrate your Company's Goals, Buyer Personas, and Customer Journey Map. All in one place. 

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Why this template? 

There are amazing tools to build Customer Journey Maps in the market, however, this Notion Template is an excellent option for small businesses and projects. You pay once and you will be able to build unlimited customized maps. 

You can benefit from this template if you:

- Are a looking to improve your current customer experience

- Are looking to envision your future customer experience

- Are a UX/UI designer 

- Want to gain a deeper understanding of your customer

- Want to identify advantages and weaknesses within your sales funnel 

- Want to identify gaps in service communication

- Want to reduce costs or increase sales by focusing on what matters to your customer 

Creating a Customer Journey Map can help you answer this: 

- Is my online interface user-friendly and matching customer expectations? 

- Why is the user navigating away from the site so quickly?

- How often is my customer reaching out to customer service and is the team able to address the issues in a timely manner?

- How is the customer interacting with my brand before they decide to make a purchase? 

- How are they feeling at this stage?

- Do my customer have barriers or motivators for buying my product/service?

What's inside?

A Customer Journey Mapping Guide for beginners
Step by Step guide on how to use the template 

More than 30 External Curated Resources including information related to Goals, Buyer Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, and Research and Information 

A real example of how to use the template

Templates with "Cheatsheet" as toggles to keep important definitions accessible at any time

Integration ideas and curated resources to automate your Research and Information process

Access to a Google Drive File with the icons used in the template

A Customer Journey Dashboard that includes: 

Goals Database: This allows you to establish your company's goals before start mapping to help you keep focused on what's important  

Buyer Persona Database: Aesthetic template for building the Buyer Personas that will help you to include all the important information from your customers

Customer Journey Database: The space for building your map. A visual representation of your customer journey ready to fill. You'll be able to relate each map to a specific goal, persona, and previous research information you have.  

Space for Research & Information: you can include surveys, analytics, and all the research you did for your map. You can later relate this information to each map in the "Notes" section. 

Why did we create this?

We are a team of two professionals in NotionologĂ­a and one of our mid-term goals is to blend Notion with our hard skills. This template was made thinking on how Notion can be an excellent tool for small entrepreneurs and to show how business concepts and systems can blend with digital approaches. This template allows entrepreneurs and small consultants to reduce costs by having a Customer Journey Building tool with unlimited maps and that solves the same goals that other paid software in the market. 


Can I personalize my template?

Of course, that's the beauty of Notion. We create our templates always with an example, but you are free to modify whatever you want.

I have some questions about the template, where can I find help?

You can fill out the form you'll find at and contact us.

I need a personalized template, can you help me with that?

Yes! You can fill out the form you'll find at and contact us.

Can I obtain a discount?

Tell us your story! We can be able to give you a discount if you are part of a non-profit project. 

Can I duplicate this template to share with my team or friends?

We are only giving you a personal license to use it. Please feel free to share the Gumroad link with your family and friends. They can download the template directly from our site. 

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Customer Journey Map Dashboard [Notion Template]

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